Born to be Styled

Effortless Italian Style

When the word Italy comes up in conversation, a distinct image of effortless glamour and style can’t help but spring to mind.

A History of Fashion

From cars and architecture to interiors and fashion, Italian style can be distinguished by its high quality and elegance. It's internationally renowned for pushing the boundaries of design and colour. Italian style goes beyond the realms of its prestigious fashion scene though, as Italy is most certainly a leader in interior and architectural design too.

At Smeg, the company's identity has been shaped by its heritage, where each product range taking inspiration from the Italian flair style. Trends come and yet classic design remains timeless, which perfectly describes Smeg's headquarters designed by Guido Canali, also creator of the impressive Prada factory.

Skills and Craftmanship

Much like Italian cuisine, each region of Italy is well known for a particular specialism or craft, for example, the Tuscany region famed for its leather products whilst Turin is seen as a global leader in architecture.  

In addition to the acclaimed Italian design labels showcased during Milan fashion weeks, hundreds of skilled creatives work for independent family run fashion firms up and down the country to creating the most unique and exquisite products. Italians don’t just create for comercialisation first and foremost; they do it for the love, the pride, the craft.

Milan: The Fashion Capital

Milan has long been linked hand in hand with luxury goods. Despite lacking the historic allure of Rome, this industrial heart of Milan is a global shaper of fashion worldwide

Milanese fashion is particularly recognisable by its bold use of colour and material. In addition to distinctive appearance, Italian designer brands seen on the catwalks are well known for exceptional design refinement that goes into producing them. A true art and skill.

Smeg: Key Collaborations

Smeg and design also goes hand in hand, with the company taking inspiration from the catwalks of Milan as equally as the beautiful architecture and tradition from across Italy.

By collaborating with fashion designers to create unique ranges such as the Dolce&Gabbana ‘Sicily is my love’ range, plus the quirky Fiat500 and denim fridges from fashion label Italia Independent, Smeg stands out from the crowd, often featuring in fashion shows and glossy magazines such as Vogue and Glamour itself.

Many of Smeg’s ranges have been influenced by the style of other iconic Italian design classics such as the bright, pastel colours of the Lambretta, which can be seen in Smeg’s retro ranges and the growing range of small appliances.

In keeping with the key attributes of the Italian fashion industry, Smeg are passionate about achieving a seamless blend of technology, product development, tradition and art. By combining heavyweight designers with skilled craftspeople, Smeg ensures the perfect blend of form and function, technology with style.