La Dolce Vita

As a nation we're lovers of all things Italy. There's the art, the cars, and the fashion, but let's not forget delicious food & drink. The good life. 

The Food

The list of luscious Italian food is endless but in Britain pizza and pasta in particular are dinnertime staples for all ages, with spaghetti an institution for those new to cooking. We are also great lovers of Italian wines such as Pinot Grigio and Chianti, and our current Prosecco and Lambrusco love-in has seen the UK become the second biggest market in the world. Together with the finest meats, cheeses and delicious fruit and vegetables, Italy really is the food centre of the world.

As well as the produce itself, we are increasingly embracing Italian eating customs. It’s almost the norm now to expect a platter of Italian rustic bread with balsamic vinegar and olive oil or an antipasti board to feature on many menus. 

The Drink

We are also seeing the influence of Italy via our love of the ‘caffe culture’. ‘Grabbing a coffee’ is now considered cool, an essential social event for many. Our high streets are now adorned with Italian-inspired coffee shops packed with commuters’ kick starting their day with a frothy cappuccinos, double espresso or skinny latte. Fast becoming the drink of choice, ahead of our Great British staple.

We’ve come a long way in terms of embracing the Italian way of enjoying our food and drink. However, there is one element that has not quite migrated to our culture: taking our time. In Italy meals are very much a family affair, with multiple generations descending upon the family home to enjoy great food and company – often made up of multiple courses, from Aperitivo to Antipasti, Secondi Piatte to Formaggi and of course Dolce. Great food simply keeps on coming.

The Culture

We live a more frantic lifestyle in Britain, with convenience meals creating a ‘grab and go’ style of eating, particularly on weeknights with work and school looming the next day. We drink coffee on the go or at our desks, whilst Italians will always stop to make an event of enjoying their drink, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Having adopted so much Italian in the way we eat and drink, wouldn’t it be wonderful to instill the same love and respect for good food in Britain, making dinner more of an event, not a necessity.

If you, too, share our love of food and would like to explore the Italian way of life through cooking, why not test out some of our delicious Italian recipes and visit us in store for some fab Italian ingredients. Buon Appetito!