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Vivere Italiano

Healthy, happy eating inspired by the world’s greatest cooking region

Love of Italian Food

Whilst undeniably one of the most popular cuisines across the world, Italian food often conjures visions of rich flavours, pasta and liberal use of olive oil and salt. With our diet coming under increasing scrutiny, Italian food is often seen as a ‘treat’ meal. However, using the basis of the Mediterranean diet, many authentic Italian dishes are highly nutritious, without losing the tastes we all love.

The use of minimally processed, fresh ingredients is essential, cooking food from scratch at home, avoiding convenience foods, preservatives, colourings and additions where possible.

So how do we replicate the Italians fabulous attitude to food?

Quality Ingredients

Italians try to buy food that’s in season. No deep-freeze or long-lasting ingredients. This focuses attention on seasonal herbs and vegetables to add glorious flavour and texture to a dish, meaning taste is achieved through quality produce and considered seasoning. Spring dishes are very ‘green’ taking advantage of vegetables such as leeks, asparagus and artichokes. Contrastingly, with the advent of mushrooms and root plants such as Pumpkin, the Autumn season ushers in warming, tomato based recipes.

When in season, ingredients will be at their finest, freshest and cheapest!

Why not try...

One of the easiest ways to follow a healthy diet is to adjust your cooking methods. Steaming, grilling or baking are just a few options which all require the addition of minimal oils or fats, therefore enabling you to prepare food in a light and healthy way, without compromising on flavour. Italians love their fish and with the benefit of cooking with a steam oven, where nutrients are retained, moist and healthy meals can be achieved quickly and easily. Why not try tour own quinoa and shrimp dish, utilising the principle of steam cooking to enhance taste.

Italians ensure that they make time to enjoy preparing and creating meals with fresh ingredients. This is born from not only a desire to be healthy, but more the importance Italian families place on eating together, enjoying quality home cooked food, entertainment and company.

By taking inspiration from all things Italy, healthy eating will not only be easy, but an absolute joy -negating the need for the latest dieting craze, with an emphasis on cooking the best ingredients the right way leading the way to a sustainable (yet enjoyable) relationship with delicious food.