Montecoppe Produce

Alongside the vast array of beautiful kitchen appliances on show at Smeg St James’s, the store is home to an indulgent selection of Italian produce from Montecoppe; Smeg's family farm.

Based in the beautiful surrondings of the Emilian countryside, just outside Parma, Montecoppe supply the very best Parmiggiano Reggiano parmesan cheese, ingredients and accompaniments from its prestigious farm.

Rich History Dating Back to Napoleon

Steeped in rich tradition,  Montecoppe dates back to Napoleon, whose wife, Duchess Maria Luigia lived on the site. Situated amongst 240 hectares of Cerrega National Park, two thirds of Montecoppe’s farmland is rotated annually to allow for natural regeneration and in-keeping with the farm’s organic philosophy of environmentally friendly and responsible farming. Revered for its Parmigiano Reggiano cheese production, world famous for its aromatic taste and fragrance, Montecoppe is now available in London.

Parmiggiano Reggiano - Direct from the Farm

Pop in store to select your preferred cheese size and strength (12, 24 or 36-month-old maturity), to suit your taste. Montecoppe produce is available for purchase from Smeg St James’s in-store only, subject to availability.

Montecoppe Condiments

As well as its famous cheeses, Montecoppe also produce an exclusive range of fine condiments including jams and mustards, also available for purchase in St James’s. Particularly popular is the Aceto Balsamico Modena Jelly, sumptuous Red Onion & Orange Peel Compote as well as decadent mustards - complimenting crumbled cheese to perfection.

Another side to Montecoppe’s rich association with fine dining is its wine vineyard. Using Lambrusco Grasparossa grapes naturally concentrated in barrels of oak, cherry wood and chestnut, choose from a delightfully full-bodied sparking red: perfect when served chilled alongside meat dishes, or a sweet white Malvasia perfect alongside a fish course or even a starter.

Gifts and Accessories

Why not treat yourself to a gift or accessory whilst at Smeg St James's? Choose from our beautiful embroidered chefs aprons and towel set presented in a metal gift box, or even an accessory for the kitchen. Ranging from Smeg's refractory pizza stones through to sandwich racks or bun warmers to fit your Smeg toaster, or even pasta rollers & cutters or meat grinders & vegetable choppers designed to fit Smeg's stand mixer.

We'll ensure you’ll well equipped– in true Italian style. Visit us in store to view the entire range, or click here.