Smeg hosts Japan Centre in Regent Street Store!

Smeg hosts the Japan Centre in Regent Street store's cook school theatre!

Who are the Japan Centre?

The Japan Centre is the biggest Japanese food hall in London. With a wealth of knowledge and expertise in Japanese cuisine, the Japan Centre supply specialist food and drink as well as beautiful recipe books and authentic cookware. Located opposite our flagship on 14 Regent Street St James’s, one of the Japanese restaurants owned by the Japan Centre is ‘Shoryu’, well known for being one of the best restaurants in London for Ramen.

Japanese Chef Kinu Yukawa

Hosting the Japan Centre at our Regent Street store’s cook school theatre, Chef Kinu Yukawa carries out demonstrations of her favourite recipes requiring precision cooking, perfect for Smeg’s suite of state of the art ovens, induction hobs and small appliances including the very popular temperature control kettle, alongside our newest edition to the range, the HBF01 hand blender, to make fresh Sushi, Miso, Bento and Okonomiyaki.

The Return of the Japan Centre

We welcome The Japan Centre and its customers to our beautiful theatre facility for a series of cooking classes alongside chef Kinu Yukawa, returning with her delicious Japanese cooking with style!