Our 'Made in Italy' History

Smeg was founded in 1948 by Vittorio Bertazzoni from Guastalla, Reggio Emilia in the North of Italy. Find out more about the company's exciting journey from regional metal enameller to global brand...

With a background in blacksmithery, the Bertazzoni family have always had a keen eye for entrepreneurship, quickly expanding and specialising into the production of enameled metals. Smeg, which stands for Smalterie Metallurgiche Emiliane Guastalla, reflects the company’s early operations and geographical founding.

A Family Affair

The Bertazzoni affiliation with cooking products, dates back 40 years prior to Smeg's formation in 1948. Early cookers were first unveiled at the World Expo held in Milan in 1906. It’s fitting that some of the first products shaping Smeg's heritage were cookers, such has been the brand’s affinity with food and quality produce ever since. Smeg remains staunchly family owned and run to this day.

Over 65 Years of Innovation

Since its founding, Smeg has never stopped innovating, regonised and rewarded for excellence, thanks to distrubution around the world. From Milan to New York, Sydney to Paris, Moscow to Munich, you’ll find Smeg prescence located in most major international cities. London’s Regent St St James’s is certainly no exception, the newest and most ambitious Smeg flagship Store development in the world, and is of course the latest milestone in the company’s rich history.

It doesn't stop there. Smeg goes above and beyond to develop products that express “made in Italy” by perfectly combining art, design, performance and attention to detail. Lying deep at the heart of the company is an underlying passion for investing in Italian production and engineering to craft unique, yet functional, everyday objects.

Made in Italy Design Excellence

Smeg continues to push the boundaries today, thanks to its network of internationally renowned architects, designers and engineers, underlining Smeg’s reputation for design excellence. Examples include the range of ovens and hobs from internationally acclaimed architect Renzo Piano (designer of the Shard), Guido Canali’s Classic and Dolce Stil Novo ranges, not to mention stunning small appliances designed by Milan’s deepdesign. It is many of these collaborations that help to reinforce Smeg’s design proficiency and distinctive feel.

The Smeg range has grown significantly since 1948, with well over 1000+ products now available across eight aesthetic lines. Striving to create the very best is something that defines Smeg’s past and shapes its future.

Please visit us in London to discover our unique culture, rich history and passion for product first hand, in beautiful inspired surroundings. Why not even make an appointment to discuss your requirements with our skilled team during your visit!